Muskoka Theatre Project 



The Muskoka Theatre Project was founded by professional playwright, producer and television personality Vince Grittani, known for his hit 80”s musicals “Quiche My What!” & “Yuppies, The Musical”. Since 2001 the company has been creating and producing original, award-winning plays and musicals and has always believed that theatre doesn’t have to be big and lavish, it just has to be good; good enough to attract an audience who will leave with a smile on their face so they will tell their friends.

We are a firm believers of “theatrinomics”; producing good theatre with responsible budgets. We have received financial assistance from public funding agencies, private donors and investors. We insist that our box office contribute to the production and so we stage projects that are audience, not ego, driven. The majority of our work is original and all of it has been critically acclaimed.

In the past MTP has been creative when it comes to venues. In addition to having performed in traditional theatres like the Gravenhurst Opera House, the Stockey Centre (Parry Sound), Theatre Aquarius Studio (Hamilton), Academy Theatre (Lindsay), Diesel Playhouse (Toronto) we have also played in community centres, at resorts and in a state of the art theatrical tent Red Leaves Playhouse.                   

Our job is to consistently produce quality so the audience knows what to expect. It is essential to grow audience loyalty. With the competition of instant electronic entertainment, live theatre isn’t the only game in town. Sustainable theatre has to be an event, a night out with dinner and your friends. It has to have value.

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